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Bilingual Actor, director & performance artist based in Ottawa. Dorian received the Waterloo Region Art Fund 2022 & the Newcomers Toronto Art Council Mentorship Grant 2019. With a BA in Theatre & MA in Performance Art, he explores how taboo regulates the socio-cultural fabric. Shine participated in festivals like The Belgrade International Theatre Festival & The Buenos Aires Performance Art Biennale. 

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Music Video
Stay Or Go

By Serhat Kiremitci (Aug 2022)

Being the lead of this amazing Turkish love comedy music video.

STAY OR GO In your heart, I wanted so much to get lost in your deserted streets and dead ends. 

Dorian Shine
Dorian Shine

Dorian Shine as Jean Genet

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The Tribunal
The Tribunal

With Dorian Shine

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Dorian Shine reading
Dorian Shine reading

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Dorian Shine
Dorian Shine

Dorian Shine as Jean Genet

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Acting Jean Genet
"The Tribunal"

Tactics - Sept 2022

The court is in now session with Judge, Jean Genet. The case: massage therapist Alex's increasing curiosity about Waleed’s physical ailments develops into a strange intimacy, which leaves her professionally compromised.

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"The devil's got fever"
Region of Waterloo Art Fund

Work in Progress

A dark disturbing comedy

Work in progress, written during Write or Flight and selected to be part of Unhinged Festival of  Disturbing Theatre in Kitchener Waterloo.

Capture d’écran 2020-02-27 à 00.33.57.


Blood Curse II

Feature Horror

Coming in 2023

The role of a possessed man

Production Company:KiRO Pictures

Director: Keiron Hollett

Crucify feature film - Dorian Shine

Feature Film

On Apple Tv & TubiTV

The role of a Samson

A psychedelic trip into the afterlife, this mind-bending neon thriller descends into a maze of nightmares as two teens are trapped in a haunted crime scene...

Capture d’écran 2021-05-25 à 17.58.28.

Art Director
Resist Film Festival

2d Edition Sept 2021

An independent film festival rooted in the Human Rights, Justice, Social Change, Climate, LGBTQ+, Gender, BIPOC & any Activism related topic or art form. 

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