Dorian Shine is a Toronto based actor, director, & performance artist.

He studied at the High Institute of Dramatic Arts in Rabat, Morocco, graduating in 2011 (acting & directing). 

Since the beginning of his career, he focuses on the body as a starting point to interrogate the human condition. Playing with all genres (theatre, dance, performance art, photography and video) he is in continuous research on how this affects his experience of space & subjectivity which could be converted into an artistic expression.

As a theatre writer and director, Shine explores ideas of how taboo regulates the social fabric & individual aspirations. In his play: "Clays Fragments", he rewrote the myth of Gilgamesh for theater, he explored death as a visible/invisible anxiety that preconditions human choices and decisions. Sexuality, and women’s body objectification was also a main theme for his play "Corpus" where female characters suffers from religious and social stigmas.

In his performance art work, he explores the ideas of the body as an anchor of the identity through perceptive experiences. In his documentary “Singular Feminine” he composes a mosaic of thirty Argentinean female bodies manifesting their essence through the camera. In his theatrical performance "X system", he explores the standardization of social system that negates personal identities.

Dorian Shine has exhibited his work at many international events and festivals, like 3d edition of the Performance Art Festival of Peru, and the International Theater Festival of Belgrade, Serbia.

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