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Out-of-the-box, Dorian enjoys directing hybrid theatre & film forms. Shine directed several plays & short films in North Africa, Argentina & Canada. His documentary "Femenino Singular" explores 30 intimate women identities. Dorian Shine hold a Ba in Theatre, a Film & Tv Studies Certificate & an Ma in Performance Art. 

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Films (selection)
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Fashion & Music art Action that highlights diversity, respects differences, invites to inclusion and actively rejects hatred and prejudice. he short film puts an emphasis on gender and on acceptance as a global social issue. 

Part of : Fashion Art Toronto 2021 & Startup Fashion Toronto 2021

Production:  Toronto Film Factory

Year: 2020

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A Performative Documentary about 30 Argentinian women revealing their unique stories and statements about themselves.

Production: DO Shine

Year : 2022 In Post Production



When Christine, an espionage veteran comes out of retirement for one last spy game, she soon realizes that she might be lost in her own game.

Production:  Toronto Film Factory

Year: 2018



Even seperated because of their different religions, Aisha & Adam are still in love.

Who knew that some differences do not count once you move on...

Production:  Z Prod

Year: 2009

Theatre (selection)
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The Mirror's Child / Alienation                                                        Narcis / Doctore

A staged reading with a video installation. Two autobiographical short plays relating the perception of a kid of war, circumcision & faith.

Director & writer : Dorian Shine

Festivals : The Unhinged Disturbing The Theatre Festival 2019.

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NOMAD (performatic theatre installation)

Premiered at the Centre for Social Innovation as part of an LGBTQ group exhibition TRANSITION, during two days in 2019. NOMAD had a response from a Latin-American Collective at the VII Encuentro Instalaciones De Umbral 2019 in Argentina 

Year : 2019

Production : Le Phoenix Collective

No Dejes de mirarme

No Dejes De Mirarme (Don't take your eyes away)

Coodirected with the choreographer Fabiana Pouso, a modern theatrical flamenco piece that show the flamenca under a different light : the fragile and delicate one. 

Year:  2017

Production : Fabiana Pouso Productions


Clay Fragments - Gilgamesh                                                                          Gilgamesh

Based on myths and epics of Gilgamesh. The play relates the adventures of Gilgamesh after rejecting Ishtar and facing the death of his brother Enkidu. 

Director & writer:  Dorian Shine 

Festivals : International Belgrade Theatre Festival 2013 - National Moroccan Theatre Festival 2013 - International Casablanca Theatre Journeys 2013


Jassad - Corpus

This play treats the women conditions in the Arabic countries unveiling taboos related to the objectivation of the female body.  Censored before it premieres in Morocco and edited later on into a book. 

Year : 2014

Production & Edition : Le Phoenix 

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