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Femenino Singular

(Feminine Singular)

by Dorian Shine 

"A performance documentary unveiling thirty singular

Argentinian female identities."


Unveiling the essence of femininity, 'Feminine Singular' takes you on a transformative journey into the lives of 30 Argentinian women. Through their unique stories and the captivating power of performance, this documentary explores the depth and singularity of their identities. Experience the celebration of female strength, resilience, and the boundless diversity that shape our understanding of "being a woman.



Documentary, Performance, Experimental, Feminist




Country of Production

Argentina & Canada

Language : Spanish (Latin American)

Subtitles : English French

Captions : Spanish

Leaves Shadow

Artistic statement

In my artistic journey, I am driven by an unwavering commitment to the feminist cause, sparking a passionate exploration of gender and the social fabric that shapes our identities. As a versatile artist in writing, directing, and performing, I immerse myself in the profound depths of these subjects, seeking to break free from conventional boundaries by creating an art that resonates with the pulse of a contemporary discourse.


In the immersive embrace of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a profound epiphany unfolds through the extraordinary sagas of women, spanning generations and diverse cultural hues. This transcendent encounter births a universal revelation—the essence of femininity defies confines of borders and cultural moorings. This metamorphic odyssey reshapes my perception of womanhood, enkindling a zeal to sculpt an authentic and empathic narrative mirroring these women's lives. Their boundless spirit bequeaths life to the kaleidoscopic "Feminine Singular," a testament to resilience, strength, and unwavering individuality.


Embarking upon "Feminine Singular's" exhilarating expedition, audiences entwine with captivating tales, transcending conventional boundaries through a visual symphony. Bodies become vessels of profound expression, testimonies cascading like emancipating waves. As girls and women, aged 4 to 80, enrapture the camera, magnetic presence blurs personal and collective realms, immersing viewers in the raw splendor of diverse stories, interlacing perspectives into an embroidered tapestry of collective experience. Themes of justice, resilience, diversity, maternity, sexuality, social perception, equality, and more delve into human essence.

Breaking new ground in cinematic expression, "Feminine Singular" pioneers the genre of the performatic documentary —a revolutionary fusion of performance art and documentary filmmaking. Combining evocative performances with intimate interviews, the film creates an immersive experience that dissolves the boundaries between observer and participant. This innovative approach empowers viewers to become active co-creators of the narrative, enriching the emotional landscape and forging a profound personal resonance with the film.


In this evanescent fusion of reality and artistry, "Feminine Singular" unifies in collective introspection, uplifiting voices and forging solidarity. Testimonies metamorphose into vessels of empowerment, birthing communal ground and shared experiences.


My hope burgeons that "Feminine Singular" engenders metamorphosis, a catalyst for dialogue, unity, and celebration of shared humanity—nurturing acceptance, reflection, and harmonious coexistence. By highlighting the universality of human experiences and the intricacies of womanhood, the film becomes a universal language of connection and understanding, transcending cultural and geographical boundaries.


Through the prism of the feminine spirit, 'Feminine Singular' captures the enigmatic essence that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary. Unveil the tapestry of intimate narratives, where each thread weaves a symphony of rebellion, a visual revolution that dares to ignite a world alight with untamed voices and boundless liberation.


Leaves Shadow

The filmmaker: Dorian Shine

Dorian Shine, a Canada-based artist, beautifully weaves together the rich tapestry of his multicultural origins. With roots spanning North Africa, the Mediterranean metis heritage, and a nomadic spirit, Dorian's artistic perspective is a reflection of his diverse experiences. Having lived, studied, and worked in various countries across four continents, his journey is a testament to the interplay of cultures.


With academic foundations in Theatre and a Master's in Performance Art, Dorian's artistry harmonizes these diverse influences. His portfolio has graced international platforms, notably the Belgrade Theatre Festival and Buenos Aires performance Art Biennale.


Central to his artistic exploration is the embodiment of the human experience through the language of the body. Dorian's focus challenges societal norms and offers a new lens through which to perceive the world. Beyond his artistic endeavors, he's committed to amplifying the voices of the marginalized. This commitment finds expression in his performances, plays, and projects that delve into feminism, gender dynamics, and social justice themes.

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