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by Dorian Shine 

"A performance documentary unveiling thirty singular

Argentinian female identities."


Through the artistic eye of the filmmaker, thirty Argentinian female identities aged between 4 and 80, share their most intimate stories through their own bodies, untold memories, female unique perspectives of themselves and the world.




Country of Production


Director Statement

As an artist deeply committed to the feminist cause, much of my work as a writer, director and performer focuses on gender and social body. My work in the performance documentary "Feminine Singular" strongly echoes the question of the female body as the unique anchor of her female identity. For more than three years, while i was living in Argentina, I have met unique women through my personal, academic and professional network, unique and unforgettable identities that I have decided to immortalize in the most vibrant tribute.

When we meet someone, their reality remains behind their walls. No one immediately shares their intimacy and even if years go by, certain details remain veiled. But, anonymity promotes disclosure. If these singular women chose to talk about such intimate things, it is surely because it constitutes something crucial in their lives. Perhaps these stories have never been told before.

Dorian Shine

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