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Performance Artist

My journey with performance art began in March 2015 with my post-degree in "Theatre and Performing Arts" at UNA the National University of Arts at Buenos Aires; the most vibrant metropolitan capital of arts and culture in Latin America. This discipline gave me the confidence i needed to express with honesty and exhibit my singular point of view about the universe where i belong, through my body, heritage, identity, fears, knowledge and specially by creating and using all my talent in one fine "Oeuvre" //


Femenino Singular

A Performance Art Documentary

Revealing 30 Argentinian women's identity through art


Work in post production

© Dorian Shine 2018


Entrance with Invitations Only


The negation of the individual in the modern society

Live Performance


Nadar Art Gallery - Casablanca - Oct 2017

an Edited book is also available online////




5  Nov.  2016

Narcissist Modern Ritual

This performance is a modern ritual born from the conversion of an autoportrait into a binary code and then into a variety of supports :

  • The binary code is converted into words

  • The words are converted into different languages

  • The binary code is converted into a rhythmic musical partition

  •  The binary code is converted into an audio


Then with the totality a ritual is installed to explore the limits of the body as a physical manifestation of the being experimenting the limits of our existence as a living entity. 

II Jornadas de Performance of U.N.A


No Dejes de Mirarme

Nov/Dec. 2015

No dejes de Mirarme.

Don't stop looking at me.

In this modern flamenco performance, four women are vibrating on stage in a feminine mass before that every performer embodies her own path and identity.

Femininity, fragility, identity, are the directive lines.

Scenographer / Video performer /

Assistant Director

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