My journey with theatre and dance began in 2003 at the university productions during my studies of English literature in Tunisia, Then, 2006 marked my first professional experience with the Tunisian National Theatre. 2007, I entered the (ISADAC) the High Institute of Dramatic Arts in Morocco, where during 4 years i was able to work on different productions, and experiment a variety of disciplines : acting, writing, directing, dancing, broadcasting, etc. I was able to study with national and international well known artists. After university i founded "The Phoenix" an independent theatre troupe. In 2013-2014 i was a professor of drama in Casablanca American School.

Since 2014 my interest goes into performance art, and my productions are more oriented into creating hybrids of performance theatre dance and video art. 


June 2017

Performance Book

Al Ghorba : Exhibir el YO

Coming : the Book & Ebook

What is it to be foreigner, to be a stranger?

Being stranger to a culture, a place, a time, others, self.

A writing process during 2 years in Buenos Aires with other strangers.  Morocco, Puerto Rico, Chili


No Dejes de Mirarme

Nov/Dec. 2015

No dejes de Mirarme.

Don't stop looking at me.

In this modern flamenco performance, four women are vibrating on stage in a feminine mass before that every performer embodies her own path and identity.

Femininity, fragility, identity, are the directive lines.

Co- Director / Scenographer / Videaste

2011- 2014

The Phoenix Troupe - Morocco-

Fragments d'Argile


2011 /2013

Rewritten from the myth and epic of Gilgamesh into theatre. The investigation was the theme of my thesis at the Hight Institute of Dramatic Arts in Morocco (ISADAC).

Life and Death, two metaphysical characters are fighting for the life of the king Gilgamesh. 

Ishtar the prestress of Uruk tries to settle her power on the city once by seducing the king and another time by trying to kill him. 

The price of best costumes of National Moroccan Festival.

The honorific price of Belgrade's Festival

Author - Director - Main Actor

2007- 2011

Plays - Tv shows - Festivals


The devil's school

Tunisian National Theatre Production

Theatre within theatre.

Roles : the serpent, Agaliarept and the director.

The Devil has just been diagnosed as suffering from depression. Satan's complaint is that Evil has been completely normalised and the twentieth century has lost interest in him. His henchmen are concerned and look for a way of cheering him up. A play on the theme of Evil that acts like a tonic.


Actor and assistand Director
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