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Dorian Shine started acting since the age of 18 at university productions. Dorian Shine has appeared in several film and theatre productions. You may have seen him in Gilgamesh, The Storm and Crucify, to name just a few. Dorian’s ability to bring fragility and depth to the charters has been recognized by the Belgrade International Theatre Festival with the Don Quixote award. Dorian Shine studied acting at High Dramatic Art Institute, graduating with a BA in Theatre. A native of North Africa (mettis) mastering French, Spanish & Arabic, Dorian now lives in Toronto.

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Films (selection)


A neon noir thriller that descends into a maze of nightmares as two teens trapped in a haunted crime scene are forced to confront their demons.

Directors: J. ArcanePaul Erskine

Writer: J. Arcane 

Crucify feature film - Dorian Shine
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Alicia Stone returns in this gore-drenched sequel. Having lost all hope, husband Jason calls on the help of Paranormal TV host Tyson to confront the demonic forces that have plagued the Stone household.

Directors:  Keiron Hollett

Writer: Keiron Hollett 

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Theatre (selection)
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The Mirror's Child / Alienation                                                        Narcis / Doctore

A staged reading with a video installation. Two autobiographical short plays relating the perception of a kid of war, circumcision & faith.

Director & writer : Dorian Shine

Festivals : The Unhinged Disturbing The Theatre Festival 2019.



Clay fragments


Clay Fragments - Gilgamesh                                                                       Gilgamesh

Based on myths and epics of Gilgamesh. The play relates the adventures of Gilgamesh after rejecting Ishtar and facing the death of his brother Enkidu. 

Director & writer:  Dorian Shine 

Festivals : International Belgrade Theatre Festival 2013 - National Moroccan Theatre Festival 2013 - International Casablanca Theatre Journeys 2014


Midsummer Night's Dream                                                      Francis Flute / Thisbe

Moroccan adaptation of the Shakespearian comedy portraying the events surrounding the marriage of Theseus to Hippolyta. 

Directors & writer: Messoud Bouhcine

Festivals : The Mediterranean Theatre Festival of Tangier 2011


"Remember this name! Dorian Shine is a figurehead of the new generation of theatre. But he doesn't know it yet. He goes on stage, so he exists."

Asmaa Chaidi - Actuel Magazine

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"Looking at the character Gilgamesh played by Dorian Shine, there was so much to see, so much to learn, that was remarkable."

                                                        Ben Azouna - Publilabo

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"...more than half an hour of warm applause. Among the figures who watched the show were the Ambassadors of Morocco & Tunisia. "


"The president of the festival committee expressed his admiration for the wonderful performance the actor Dorian Shine gave as Gilgamesh, stressing the importance of plays with subjects of a of human nature that exceeds the language barrier."

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